Escorts Melbourne - 4 Beneficial Sex Tips From Our Friendly Sex Therapists

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While sex may look and sound “perfect”, or passionate, in the movies, where no one’s hair gets messy and everyone has ecstatic orgasms, in real life sex can sometimes be confusing, and even disappointing! But, to prevent disappointing sex from ever happening to you, here are a couple of truly beneficial sex tips that we got from our friendly Escorts Melbourne and seasoned sex therapists.


Avoid Comparing Your Partner to Past Sexual Partners

Do you ever compare bedroom partners past and present? I don’t think you’d try comparing your previous bedroom mates to your favourite Escorts Melbourne, because honestly I don’t think your past partners would compare to these hot and sexy ladies!


But seriously, according to sex and relationship Escorts Perth experts, comparison often tends to create unnecessary insecurities and resentment. Instead, indulge with each other and do your best to keep things exciting. Make new memories and schedule date nights to ensure you’re making time to create new sexual escapades!

Be A Detective

When i say “be a detective”, I didn’t mean that you should learn forensics or criminal justice. But, what I meant was that you should be curious about your body, and consider this practice in expanding your awareness on what makes you feel sexually alive. All of this will help you become better-equipped to teach your Escorts Perth partner how to touch you!


Know Your Limitations

When you are able to recognize your own motives, and how much time, energy and resources you are able to devote to yourself and your Escorts Melbourne partner, you will begin to feel less pressure, and be more in control of creating the sexual life that you want.


Expand Your Definition of Sex

Sex is more than just penile-vaginal intercourse. So, for variety’s sake, try something called “outercourse”, which may include anything from deep kissing to sensual touch, erotic massage, using vibrators and other sex toys, and more!


Remember that having an open mind, and exploring a range of body pleasure, is key to achieving orgasm and to satisfying yourself, as well as your favourite Escorts Melbourne!

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