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What are the two best things about being alive? Well, for me it’s eating food and sex with my Escorts Melbourne! And as dining is already an integral part of dating, well perhaps we could also integrate food into our sex lives! Yes, kinks involving food like sploshing (deriving sexual pleasure from sitting on food) and other forms of W.A.M (or wet and messy play) may seem far out, but the connection between sex and food makes perfect sense. Thus, here are a couple of tasty food treats that you could literally add to your sex life.



According to sex experts, foreplay doesn’t actually begin in the bedroom, but in the dining room, because spaghetti and tomato sauce is the ultimate comfort food, and many of us, I guess that includes you and the sexy Escorts Melbourne too, have pleasant childhood associations with this delicious dish!


Thus, surprise your Escorts Perth partner by making a home-cooked meal of spaghetti, and your home will be filled with the rich aromas of garlic, butter, cheese and tomato sauce, creating a warm atmosphere ripe for some post-meal lovemaking!


If done safely, any horny lady out there can turn this salad ingredient into a dildo! The truth is that many young people with vaginas have masturbated with phallic foods, simply because they’re readily available in their home fridge! Just make sure your Escorts Melbourne washes it first with antibacterial soap and warm water before using it!


Brie and Crackers

If your taste buds prefer savoury over sweet, brie can be used in the same manner as gooey chocolate syrup. Next, get messy by spreading the soft cheese over your lady’s nipples, and lick it off while enjoying a new flavour profile than the sugary treats that are traditionally used for food play.


Well, brie and crackers can also be served as the ultimate post-sex snack for you and your hookup mates, or your preferred Escorts Melbourne, because a cheese plate in bed is perhaps the classiest and most delicious palate cleanser you can have, especially after an oral sex marathon!

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